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Oil field filter cartridges

Oil filed filter Cartridge are manufactured to exact standards and are used in the most demanding industrial.This filter is manufactured in a wide range of length options and micron ratings. Its media has a fixed pore construction of high quality fibers while providing combination of surface and depth filtration.Due to use of premium quality  this pleated filter cartridges has superior flow characteristics with a very low pressure drop compared to depth media of similar micron ratings. This filters large surface area, increased dirt holding capacity, and innovative design provide a long service life, allowing you to reduce the number of cartridges used. Your advantage is a smaller filter vessel, less footprint and lower capital investments..

  • Features
  • ■ Large filter area and depth filtration provides a long lifetime of pleated filter cartridge

    ■ Low cost because of large filter area and reduces labor costs to change

    ■ The Absolute glass fiber media supplies optimal efficiency of solids removal

  • Specifications

  • Filter Material Polypropylene,Polyester, Glass Fiber
    Length10/20/30/40 inch
    DiameterOutside :64/66/69mm; Inner Diameter: 28mm
    Fineness rating1/2/5/10/25/50µm
    Inner core materialPolypropylene/ABS
    AdapterBoth side DOE with gasket/Double O-ring-adapter 222 and end cap/Double O-ring-adapter 226 and end cap
    Change out differential pressure:35psi(2.5Bar) up to 52°C, Pressures up to 60 PSI(4Bar) at ambient temperature
    Service condition:500KPa(5Bar)by 20°C & 300KPa(3Bar)by 65°C
  • Applications
  • n oil field and gas industry                    

    n Petroleum

    n Electronic                       

    n Metal finishing

    n Pharmaceutical industry

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