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HL Added Two Mask Production Line

In the beginning of 2020, the emergence of novel coronavirus caused a large number of shortages of medical protective equipment. Masks have become a necessity of life, but there is not enough supply in the market, and it is difficult for people to buy masks.

HL as a filter industry, can not stand by. The company decided to spend millions of emergency production line, now used for epidemic prevention and control, in the future for industrial dustproof and people's health care.

Now, we have two masks production lines,  can produce 160,000 pieces masks per day , masks production line arrangement in GuangDe production base, The masks produced in the early stage are used to make up for the material vacancies, give feedback to the society , and  thanks for the support of new and old customers.etc., Subsequently, investment will be increased to improve quality and expand lines, to transform and produce high-end prevention and control products, such as KN95 epidemic prevention masks, etc., to meet market demand and strategic reserves.


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