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KN95 Face Masks Of HL Are In Mass Production
2020-04-29 15:34:49

Based on the experience of filtration material manufacturing and the support  of the local government, HL Filter invested millions RMB in early February ,builded an non-dust  clean production room under the nation's executive standard YY/T 0969-2013 in our Guangde City Production base , and installed four automatic face mask production lines on middle of March , after debugging, the disposable medical face masks were officially mass-produced on March 16, with a daily output of about 500,000PCS. In mid-April, HL installed another two production lines of KN95 face masks,which are currently in production and sales. With the increasingly severe situation of the epidemic, HL Filter also added ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, which is expected to sell disposable surgical sterilization face masks in May.

KN95 of HL.jpg

HL has the following certificates:EU Declaration of Conformity +EN14683, FDA Testing report. The raw material adopts high quality non-woven cloth and melt-blown fabric , the bacterial filtration efficiency ≥95%.


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