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KN95 protective mask

KN95 protective mask of HL Filter is made of made by PP non-woven,melt-brown fabric, and hot air cotton with Partical filtration efficiency ≥ 95%, meeting the standards of China GB2626-2016,The main anti-blocking objects are particulate matter (PM2.5), haze, bacteria, automobile exhaust, ultraviolet ray, dust, oil molecules and pollen, etc. Through the unique design appearance of the mask, covering the mouth, nose clip and chin part of the person, forming an optimal fitting effect with the face, relying on the human inhalation to force the polluted air to filter. With leakage prevention, folding, easy to save, economical and durable, convenient to carry and other advantages.

  • Features
  • 1、Anti fog and haze 

    2、Anti bacteria

    3、Keep warm

    4、Anti influenza virus


    6、Anti vehicle emissions

    7、Anti pollen hypersensitity

  • Specifications
  • Item nameKN95 protective mask
    Material1st layer: Non-Woven Spunbond 50g/㎡
    2nd layer: Meltblown Filter Layer 25g/㎡
    3rd layer: ES Hot Air Cotton 40g/㎡
    4th layer: Meltblown Filter Layer 25g/㎡
    5th layer: Non-Woven Spunbond 30g/㎡
    Particle Filtration EfficiencyPFE≥95%
    Packing50pcs/box, 48boxes/carton
    Carton Size65.5*55*54.5cm
    Approved CertificateGB2626-2006, EN149:2001
  • Applications
  • Applications: Widely used in medical care, food service and Personal safety protecting


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