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HL Filter Shanghai Feizuo environment technology Co Ltd is the technology and sales branch of HL Filter group founded in 1985 HL Filter group have two production bases which are located different city in KunShan Qiandeng Datang industrial Park and Guangde economical development zone specializing in industrial liquid filtration and air filtration devoted to production sales of filter fabric filter bags filter cartridges bag filter housing bag filter cages and other services such as technical service of production application design installation of engineering In our factory also has the ability to modify the filter fabric characteristics by adding hydrophobic properties manufacturing methods...

Categories and Products

Liquid Filter Media

Membrane Filtration Media

Polyweld Filter Bags

Mesh Filter Bags

Multi-layer Filter Bags

Customized Filter Bags

String Wound Cartridges

Depth Filtration Cartridges

Membrane Pleated Cartridges

High Flow Filter Cartridges

Self Cleaning Filter Housing

Stainless Bag Filter Housings

Plastic Filter Housings

Stainless Filter Cartridge Housings

Fiber Glass Fabrics

Normal Temp Needle Felt Air Media

High Temp Needle Felt Air Media

Fiber Glass Filter Bags

Normal Temp Felt Air Filter Bags

High Temp Felt Air Filter Bags

Round Bag Cages

Oval Bag Cages

Pleated Bag Cages

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CagesSanitary Filter Cartridge HousingsAnti-static Polyester Filter MediaSillicon Free NMO Mesh Filter BagsAlkali-Free Fiberglass Filter BagsIndustrial Liquid Cartridge FilterPolyester monofilament Filter BagsAISI 304 Stainless Steel Bag CagesFiberglass Texturized Filter ClothAramide Or Nomex Needle Felt MediaStainless Filter Cartridge HousingsFood Contact Grade Mesh Filter BagsFiber Glass String Wound CartridgesPolypropylene Coarse Grade MembraneAutomatic Backflush Filter HousingsPainted Carbon Steel Oval Bag CagesPolyester Monofiliament Filter BagsWashed Poly String Wound CartridgesPower Plant Water Filter CartridgesPP Fabrics for Frame Filter PressesHoneycomb Structure Filter ElementsPainted Carbon Steel Star Bag CagesNon- Alkali Glass Fiber Filter Bags3M Thermal Bonded Groove CartridgesPolypropylene Filter Fabrics SeriesPE Filter Fabric for Vacuum FiltersStacked Cardboard Filter CartridgesPTFE Filter Bags with PTFE MembraneHigh Flow Filter Cartridge HousingsSeamless-absolute Rated Filter BagsBrush Self Cleaning Filter HousingsYarn Wound String Filter CartridgesHigh Viscosity Filtration CartridgesFood Grade Polypropylene Filter BagsParker PP High Flow Filter CartridgeIndustrial Filter Cartridge HousingsGlass Fiber Oil Water Filter ElementNylon Monofilament Filtration FabricPlain Polyamide NeedleFilter FabricsAcrylonitrile Homopolymer Needle FeltDuplex Housings for Liquid FiltrationPTFE Needle Felt Membrane Filter BagsPES Pleated Membrane Filter CartridgeBig Flow Filtration Filter CartridgesFood Grede Polyester Felt Filter BagsHigh Resistant Painting Pleated CagesFood Grade Polyester Felt Filter BagsPolypropylene String Wound CartridgesParker Pro-bond Cartridge ReplacementPharmaceutical Air Cartridge HousingsScraper Self cleaning Filter HousingsHigh Flow Memberane Filter CartridgesGrid Anti-static Polyester Filter BagsNylon 66 Hydrophilic Membrane ElementsDisposable Fluid Bed Dryer Filter BagsPure Acrylic Fiber Acrylic Filter BagsPTFE Needle Felt Memberane Filter 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TreatmentFiberglass Filter Cloth With PTFE MemberaneN66 Hydrophilic Memberane Pleated CartridgesHigh Resistant Painting Pleated Single CagesFood Grade Polyester monofilament Filter BagsFood Grede Polyester monofiliament Filter BagsHigh Intensity PP Melt Blown Filter CartridgesSilicon Free Polyester Monofilament Filter BagsGlassfiber Composite Laminated Felt Filter BagsEaton Sentinel NMO-200-P02Z-60L Mesh Filter BagsAutmatic Backflush Self Cleaning Fitler HousingsAutomatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filter HousingsPP power plant condensate water Filter CartridgesAutomatic Backflush Self Cleaning Filter HousingsAlloy Ferrosilicon Reverse Fiberglass filter BagsMembrane Pleated Cartridges for Liquid FiltrationHigh Silicon Oxygen Coated Fiber Glass Filter BagsHigh Silicon Oxygen Coated0 Fiber Glass Filter BagsAcrylonitrile Homopolymer Fiber (Acrylic) Filter BagAcrylonitrile Homopolymer (Acylic) Needle Felt MediaAcrylonitrile Homopolymer (Acrylic) Needle Felt MediaPolyester and Polypropylene Winding Filter Cartridges
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